Basic Searching

To search for works, you can simply enter search terms in the box to the left. To search, for people, select the drop-down menu that says "Works" and switch this to "ePortfolios".


You will note that there are several limiters to the left. The one labeled "Libraries" allows you to limit to certain subcollections of the works offered. When a library is selected additional "Wings" and "Shelves" subcollections of that subcollection may appear as options. You may also limit by "College" to see only those works and people from a specific college. With any of these options, you can select multiple limiters at once.

Advanced Searching

There are a lot of advanced searching options including Booleans AND, OR, and NOT. Please note, Booleans must be entered in ALL CAPS for them to work. AND will limit your searches to only those results that contain both terms. OR allows you to search multiple terms similtaneously. NOT allows you to ensure your results do not have the term you indicate after NOT. You also have the wildcard asterisk symbol *, which can be used at the end of a search term. For example, fish* searches "fish", "fishes", and "fishery". Using "quotes" allows you to search terms as phrases. Finally, you can do nested searches with (), for almost a mathematical type of search.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


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If you want to begin searching for works, ePortfolios, or collections from the college community, use the search system to the left. If you are new to the site and a member of the Maricopa Community College community (student, faculty, staff, or alumni), you can also contribute your own scholarly, creative, and educational works to the system. In so doing, you can develop an ePortfolio where you can showcase your work to fellow scholars, employers, and the community. Begin by creating an account or logging in at at the upper-right.

Please note, LibPorts is currently in trial status at the Maricopa Community Colleges, focusing upon Glendale, Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale colleges with hopes to offer it on a permanent basis. That said, all Maricopa students and faculty are invited to participate in this trial and create both works and ePortfolios on this system. For more information about getting started with LibPorts, please see the videos below:


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